Vulcan MG
Vulcan MG
Fire Mode Full Auto
Clip Size Infinite
Fire Rate 5/5
Range 3/5
Damage 2/5
Accuracy 2/5

The Vulcan MG is a weapon found in the downloadable game Hybrid for the Xbox 360 console. It falls under the Light Machine Guns category of weapons, which have high amounts of ammo and higher fire rates.


The Vulcan is a very dynamic weapon, being basically a huge assault rifle. The weapon does not have ammo, however; it runs on a cooldown meter, seen on the right side of the aiming reticule.

Almost any ability is useful for the Vulcan. The High Impact Rounds are a popular choice, as the fire rate makes a high damage output. Another good idea is a Frag Grenade. The Frag is basically the most dynamic ability, and can be used very tactically with any gun.

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