Variants are the alien faction of Hybrid, invading the Earth for the dark matter samples generated by the Hadron Collider accident in Australia. The Variants are humanoid aliens that are not seen outside their combat armor, which takes a rounded, white tone with red lights and red jetpacks, contrasting the angular, green armor of the Paladins.


It is unknown where the Variants came from or what they are, but they were first discovered in 2032 by the humans of Earth, killing billions on the day the Hadron Collider exploded. As the Paladins fight to defend their planet and its new dark matter, the Variants push them back, steamrolling their way to each sample.


Variant armor is a collection of intricate, white armor pieces with red lights laid over a complex dark gray undersheath, and has a number of helmets that can be unlocked by the player.

The helmets continue the organic, curved lines of Variant armor and weapons, as well as the theme of red lights, which are normally centered around what appears to be the eyes on Variant helmets. All of the Variant helmets completely hide the alien inside, and so their appearance is unknown.

The list of helmets is as follows:


Variant weapons are often named with the word "Mark" followed by a number, and "N" with a number. Variant weapons are not as varied as Paladin weapons, but excel in their categories. Variants do not manufacture light machine guns and only one heavy pistol, but manufacture two sniper rifles to the Paladins' one.

The list of weapons is as follows:

Submachine Guns


Heavy Pistols

Sniper Rifles

Special Weapons

Light Machine Guns

The Variants do not manufacture any light machine guns.

Assault Rifles