Paladins are the human faction of Hybrid, defending their territory on the planet Earth from the Variant invaders. The Paladins are formed of human rebels from across the planet to resist the Variant invasion. Paladins can be easily recognized by their angular, green armor, and the blue lights found on their armor and weapons, as well as the blue energy from their jetpacks.


The Paladins were formed in 2032, after the Hadron Collider explosion in Australia that introduced the Variants and started the Earth in a time loop. As the Variants fought toward the dark matter samples, the Paladins fight them at every step, working their own way towards each sample, as well.


Paladin armor is basically a number of green and silver armor pieces over a green and black plastic undersheath, and one of a number of helmets that can be unlocked by the player.

The helmets usually follow the same green pattern as the armor. The default helmet is somewhat cube-shaped, with an open face, where the Paladin wears a black balaclava and silver sunglasses. The rest of the helmets are closed-face helmets, with visors or sensor packages covering the face, and will often contain various combinations of imaging devices, protection cages, and HAZMAT equipment.

The list of helmets available is as follows:


The Paladin weapons use an acronym-based naming system, rather than the "model"-based system of Variant weapons. Paladin weapons are more varied than Variant weapons, and only the Paladins manufacture light machine guns. The Paladins also manufacture two heavy pistols, the Pit Bull and the Gambler, to the Variants' one.

Paladin weapons are often gray-blue and black in color, and boxy and angular in design. Most of them seem to have a holographic-style sight, as seen on the MR8A assault rifle and the MR19 battle rifle.

The list of weapons is as follows:

Submachine Guns


Heavy Pistols

Sniper Rifles

Special Weapons

Light Machine Guns

Assault Rifles