Drones are one of the most important assets in the great war between the Paladin and Variant forces. Providing support for the standard organic forces, Drones assume many different roles. From the humble Stalker to the terrifying Preyon, Drones are the only way to exceed the harsh three combatant limit.

Variant and Paladin drones are functionally the same, with purely cosmetic differences. It is probable one side based their technology on the other.

Drones are earned through multiple kills in a row without dying, called a killstreak.

Types of DroneEdit

Note that deploying drones does not diminish your progress to the higher tiered drone types.

  • Stalker - A loyal robotic servant, the Stalker will stick with you through thick and thin even if it means an unpleasant farewell. Earned after one kill.
  • Warbringer - A tankish middle ground of the three drone types, the Warbringer can be anything from a glorified shield to a certified terminator depending on where you deploy them. Earned after three kills.
  • Preyon - The ultimate robotic killing machine, modelled after a psychotic female ninja, the Preyon will hunt down and murder a single foe like a heat-seeking missile then disappear back to whence it came. Earned after five kills.

All kinds of drones can be turned against you using Drone Hack Grenades, including Preyons. Void Pulse can be used to cancel the hack, however.